Milk Tea

Quench your milk tea cravings and imbibe in a glass of milky goodness.


Available Flavors:

Classic Brown Sugar| Php 160nett
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea| Php 160nett
Butterball Milk Tea | Php 180nett
Brown Sugar Roasted Almond | Php 190nett
Shortbread Cookie Milk Tea| Php 190nett
Milk tea Dinosaur | Php 210nett
Brown sugar Hazelnut | Php 210nett
Brown Sugar Pecan Praline | Php 210nett
Ghirardelli Frozen Choco Salted Caramel | Php 250nett
Chocolate Brownie Overload | Php 250
Matcha Milk Tea | Php 250nett